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(Multi-Purpose Batter 909 and Multipurpose Wash 606)

Dear Customer

First words: Doan Phuc An Service Production Import Export Co., Ltd would like to send our best wishes to health and success.

Through a period of study to find out the market of cleaning water and kitchen cleaning company Doan Phuc An desire to bring to customers the latest products. Safe, high quality, good disinfection does not cause fire and explosion, not harm the health of users and people around.

Doan Phuc An Company has launched a new line of products based on natural chemical ingredients, the main ingredients extracted from Nham Thach Natural volcano with high absorption capacity, easy to remove stains. It is difficult to wash without compromising sensitive skin.

Extremely effective when cleaning the kitchen, hands and feet, kitchen utensils, machinery, oil, grease etc.

  • Advantages of the product: Doan Phuc An Co., Ltd. Will bring consumers high economic efficiency, reduce the time and work for the user.
  • Especially, the product has natural, environmentally friendly, protecting the health of the users and their families. It will meet the requirements of today's smart consumers.
  • The product of bactericidal cleaning bacteria 909 and multipurpose washing water 606 has been tested by the Hanoi Health Testing Center by the method of ISO 1099-10-2002 (E) part 10 and concluded to meet the requirements of the test. Tested on 23/01/2017 (No skin irritation).
  • How to use emergency urine powder 909: Rub thoroughly dry powder into the stain, clean it with clean water (scrub dry thoroughly clean with water)
  • How to use Multipurpose Wash 606: Spray 606 onto the surface of stain, grease, oil, grease, wipe or rinse with water.
  • Our company is committed to providing you with the most convenient services, highest quality products, competitive prices, safety and highest efficiency. So do not hesitate to use products manufactured by Phuc An Union.

We look forward to your attention and support.

Doan Phuc An Company sincerely thanks.

  • Phuc An Union Company is in need of distributors to distribute products that the company is manufacturing and trading.
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