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If not treated promptly and properly, glue 502 can cause unfortunate consequences if sticking to the body.

Adhesive 502 is fast glue (3 to 10 seconds) and is very sticky, so it is often used in homes, factories and offices to paste materials that require high adhesion. In the process of using, glue can not be avoided in the skin, eyes or clothes. With such properties, if not handled in time and properly, glue 502 can cause The unfortunate consequences if sticking to the body.

If you have a sticky 502  , if it's like leather, leather, feet, floor, fabric, glass, car, you can handle it at home. But for sensitive parts such as the eye, it is imperative that you go to the nearest hospital or clinic where the doctor removes the glue from the eye, limiting the possibility of burns, resulting in severe burns.

First, when the 502 adhesive is attached, you must soak the glue in the warm soapy water immediately to help the adhesive soften, easy to peel off the hand. You can also add a few drops of vinegar, soaked just enough to remove the 502 glue.

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Alternatively, you can remove 502 glue in the following ways:

Use acetone - a substance commonly used to clean nail polish. In this case, acetone will soften the cyanoacrylate in glue 502. You only need to direct acetone (moderate amount) onto the adhesive area 502, then gently remove and wipe off the glue on the body. . Alternatively, you can mix acetone with WD (anti-rust oil) at a ratio of 1: 1 and apply directly to the adhesive position of 502.

Mix the acetone with WD (anti-rust oil) in a ratio of 1: 1 and apply directly to the adhesive position 502.

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Note that it is necessary to pour 502 directly onto the adhesive, do not use cotton wool because it can react strongly with cyanoacrylate in glue. Sensitive parts such as eye, nose, mouth or open wounds are not acetone, but must go to the hospital immediately to the first aid doctor.

If you do not have acetone at home, you can use margarine - a home-made refrigerator. First, you apply the butter to the adhesive 502, apply until the adhesive is soft and washable.

You can also pour 2 tablespoons of salt into your hands, add some water to make a paste, then rub for 30 to 60 seconds until the glue is peeled off.

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In the case of 502 adhesive, you can soak your lips in warm water. Then take advantage of saliva in the mouth because saliva is capable of making glue open, shake the area of the lips to absorb saliva, lips will expand. If glue is sticky, take a soft towel with warm water and wipe gently on the eyes, then gently to the hospital immediately. Absolutely do not try to open your eyes.

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If glue 502 is attached to items such as clothing, footwear, you can use glue or nail files to rub the glue. Or for thick skin on the body, you can use rubbing foam to glue location after being soaked in warm water.

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