Warnings when exposed to cleaning chemicals

Today on the market   there are many different types of chemicals that possess different cleansing properties, in order to meet the needs of cleansing, but the negative side of it is to negatively affect the health and living environment of human.

However, because of its cleansing ability, you can not remove it completely but must find ways to use it to achieve the effect of cleansing purpose but also ensure absolute safety for the user; surrounding people and environment.

Keep in mind a few tips after you use the chemical:

Before you use a product, read and carefully understand the label, its intended use, its components carefully. Pay attention to the warning on the label.

Use appropriate ventilation. Get fresh air into your home or workplace. When using strong chemicals, as well as toxic chemicals, open doors and windows, blowing air blowers out of the chemical, so that the user does not overwhelm or breathless when inhaled odor bleach solution. wash. It is best to use a well ventilated area to avoid living space in your home.

  - Wearing protective clothing such as: rubber gloves, face shields, proper face masks when exposed to detergents.   Note, if using chemical Harmful substances when you breathe   (such as fiberglass may reside in the lungs), must use the mask to avoid poisoning the infection during the respiratory user.

  - Store chemicals in a safe and private place, so that   is out of the reach of children and pets, and furthermore, to distinguish it   must be labeled loud and clear. In particular, absolutely do not store liquids in commonly used bottles such as water bottles, shampoo or food cans.

  - If your clothes are dirty while handling chemicals, change your clothing quickly to reduce contact with the body, limiting the detergent to the skin. In addition, chemical adhesive clothing should be kept in a separate place for washing, flushing to clean it before washing clothes.

- Should buy enough use, do not keep too many chemicals in your home, especially in areas where many people pass by.

  - Try to minimize the use of harmful substances as little as possible. If there is no other choice for your cleansing,   select   less toxic or less environmentally friendly detergents or irritants with body.  

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