502 adhesive tips stick, glass stick, on wood simple and effective

502 adhesive effect, what harm?

Adhesive 502 is a perfect adhesive in seconds, used in a wide range of industries, handicraft, footwear

Notably, the 502 glue has the chemical ingredient Methylene Chloride that is dangerous to humans.

This is an organic solvent of chemical formula CH2CL2. Although it has a pleasant aroma, it can lead to vision loss, hearing loss, and motor disruption in the long run.

After stopping contact with this chemical, people will have normal manifestation again.

In addition, Ethyl acetate is an esther of ethanol and acetic acid, a liquid, colorless, fruity aroma. In respiratory tract, this chemical can cause cough, dizziness. sleepiness, headache, vomiting, weakness, loss of consciousness ...

When removing the glue, for safety reasons, use protective clothing such as eyeglasses, gloves, masks because using a very low temperature stone can cause burns. cold, while acetone is toxic to the eyes, nose ...

How to remove 502 adhesive when the hand

Surely not many people have ever seen cases of adhesive glue. The 502 liquid adhesive that attaches to your skin will soon form a thin layer of white, firmly attached to the skin surface.

The worst thing is that, when glued, we tend to rub our thumbs on our index finger, but that makes the two fingers stick together.

First of all, do not strain yourself to get rid of the glue on your skin. Instead, dip your hands in warm soapy water and soak for 10 minutes until the glue softens, then gently remove it slowly. stick out fingers.

Soak in soap water for 10 minutes.

After drying your hands, you can pour the nail polish into the glue, then gently rub, you will see the white glue disappear gradually.

Apply nail polish remover or apply to adhesive.

If you do not have nail polish remover, you can use it on glue, there will be a significant change.

Apply nail polish or butter to the adhesive.

You can also use sandpaper or nail files rubbed with white glue in your hand, remember not to rub too strongly on it.

Use nail files to rub the adhesive.

There is another simple way, suitable for men, is to pour some clean oil (for machinery) onto the glue stick.

Put the machine oil on the adhesive.

If you do not have the tools mentioned above, it is okay, still one way, is to soak in warm water first, then rinse with shower gel.

Soak your hands in hot water and rinse with shower gel.

Or you can buy glue cleanser: Just within three seconds, the glue will be cleansed, really straight and fast.

How to remove adhesive with Acetone.

And if you ... do not want to do anything and do not care whether the hand is glue or not, then only waiting after a while it will self-strip.

If you can wait, then the timeout will be around 280-320 hours.

Self adhesive.

There are a lot of tips in life, so when you encounter these situations, you definitely should not be worried, should not use the wrong way as trying to rub the hands leading to the injury.

Removal of glue 502 stick on wood

In the process of using, if you accidentally spill 502 (acacia glue) on the surface of wooden items, you can treat the following four ways to remove stubborn stub, causing aesthetic loss.

Method 1: Use hot water and towels

In this way, look for a clean towel, place it on the glue stick, then gently pour hot water onto the towel surface and wipe it off to remove the sticky adhesive.

You can repeat many times until glue is removed. In cases where the adhesive is too thick, it is possible to use abrasive paper to thin the glue until there is a thin layer on the surface to proceed in this way.

Method 2: Use a hair dryer

To do this, we will attach the hair dryer to the heater and then onto the adhesive surface, which will cause the glue to evaporate due to the high temperature pressure.

You can adjust the temperature to increase gradually and observe carefully so as not to damage the surface of the wood, and can also remove the glue.

When the glue is removed, remove the towel and then continue using the dryer to heat. In this way, you should not be too close to the machine because it will be easy to damage the wood surface.

Method 3: Use Acetone Solvent

Acetone is a solution used by women to remove nail polish. Take this small solvent directly onto the glue or dip it in a clean towel to soften the glue.

Then use a thin plastic sheet or ATM / credit card to lightly shave the adhesive away from the surface of the wood, repeated several times until the surface is completely clean.

Method 4: Use dry ice

This method is based on the physical principle of making the glue crispy and then impacting the force by knocking / shaking lightly to remove the glue from the wood surface.

Using dry ice to remove stain marks 502 is the opposite approach to the use of heat from the hair dryer but still provides very good effect.

In case of heavy glue, you can combine several ways to completely clean the glue effectively.

Particularly with surface coatings that have been varnished, painted ... acetone solvents can damage the surface, so you should not apply this way.

To be sure, try to cover the surface before doing the real face to avoid damage. When using dry stone cleaning methods, it should not be stored in airtight containers because evaporation and cooling evaporate and may explode.

Removal of glue 502 on glass and objects

1. Use cooking oil

Apply oil on the glue two sides stick on the object, for a while and then use a towel oiled with rubbing oil.

As such, it is possible to continuously add more oil to eat for faster performance.

2. Use alcohol

Similar to cooking oil but different in that the alcohol will be very quickly evaporated, the scouring will be carried out immediately when the alcohol has just penetrated the glue stick.

3. Using gasoline (the type used to paint)

Brush the petals with cotton wool or cloth and rub them constantly on the glue stick, they will quickly be knocked off.

4. Use Acetone

Because acetone is very quick evaporating, so you have to quickly clean the surface of the adhesive after wetting it.

5. Use a pencil eraser

Can be selected with a high roughness (can be like ink remover). Continuously rub on the glue stick, combined with a long cleaning cloth.

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