The risk of poisoning from clean water when cleaning house

General cleaning at the end of the year is what every family does, but you need to be especially careful with the cleansing water after all!

On New Year's Day, families are busy with housework to prepare for the new year. With the help of liquid detergents being sold in the market today, cleanup work seems to have become much simpler. However, not everyone is aware of the toxicity of cleaning chemicals used - which can cause unpredictable consequences.

There are currently more than 70,000 chemicals used in household hygiene. These chemicals are more likely to cause complications during long-term exposure. They can cause diseases such as contact dermatitis - the cause of swelling, cracking, skin cracking, even skin cancer. They can also affect the digestive system causing digestive disorders, manifested by nausea, vomiting, not eating well. Other potentially damaging effects include physiological disorders, disability in the mother, pregnancy, hemorrhage or cancer.

Some common types of cleaning water today include:

Javelin water

Javel is used mainly for toilet brushes, bath ... This is a chemical that has strong antiseptic and bleaching properties, direct contact with the skin can cause burns, irritation, dermatitis. If not careful to drink the child should be able to cause sore throat. Do not use water javel and scouring water will cause chemical reactions are not good. Especially when using javelin water, it is best to keep the javelin water in a closed container, avoid sunlight, keep it cool and avoid heat.

Kitchen cleansers

Some kitchen detergents are commonly used as dishwashers, table wipes ... mainly chemicals that contain benzyl, polyethylene, sodium hypochlorite. In terms of density and concentration, these detergents are lighter than javelin. However, this mixture of chlorine still has a certain impact on health, depending on the content, concentration in the solution we use.

Combination of detergents

Some people have a habit of using two or more detergents when cleaning their home, but this can have serious consequences. Bleach when exposed to acid washers will produce chlorine gas - a highly toxic gas, which can be astonishingly shocked. A mixture of bleach and urine also produces toxic gas that damages the lung mucosa. Therefore, we need to have certain knowledge when using detergent, especially do not forget to read the manual carefully before using.

Some note when using detergent

- Read the instructions carefully to know the chemicals you are using.

- Use rubber gloves when using to protect your hands.

- Change in clothing after contact with strong chemicals.

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