Washing powder lubricant 909

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The OK 909 multi-purpose cleanser is made from a powder made from natural volcanic rock. Quick clean up. Do not harm the skin (not skin irritation) friendly environment.

OK 909 has been tested by the Hanoi Health Testing Center using the ISO 1099-10-2002 (E) Part 10 and satisfies the criteria for testing on 23/01/2017. (No skin irritation).


Quickly clean the stain on the body, hands, feet, kitchen utensils, bathroom, machinery, ...

How to use:

Step 1: Take a suitable amount of powder into the dirt (scrub thoroughly stain, do not use water to avoid reducing the effect of the powder).

Step 2: Rinse with water.

Ingredients: Water, Matte, Perlite powder, Ram, Volcanic Rock.

Note: After use, the lid should be tightly closed to keep the dough moist. If the dough is dry, moisten it by adding more water before use.

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